Thursday, December 20, 2012


A friend of mine is anti-gun.  But he is not a moron.  He has spouted buzzwords about gun banning in the past. "What do you need a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds?"  That sort of thing.

On Facebook in the last few days a friend of his, posted one of those chain things.  Sign This Petition:

"I've committed to getting 10 friends to sign this petition. Every day, 34 more Americans will be murdered with guns – until our leaders take action to keep illegal guns out of dangerous hands. Join me and Demand A Plan to end gun violence in America."

The usual gun ban Democrat boilerplate.  My anti-gun buddy said this...

Sorry J___, but I won't sign a petition unless I know what I am asking for. I am not sure what the solution is, and I have not seen anyone smarter them me come up with a suggestion that would work.

And that is what gives me hope.  A man that, 10 years ago, I am pretty sure, would have reflexively agreed to sign onto any gun control scheme.  Now he is thinking with his head, examining past policies and found them wanting, and unwilling to agree to do something probably inneffective just for the sake of doing something.  It's not much, but it is progress.

I don't think he'd ever become a pro-gun type.   But for an anti-gunner this is a big deal.

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Paladin said...

It *is* a big deal. That's the only way out of this that I can see.

With staunch anti-gun folks it doesn't matter how much you talk to them or what approach you take. But there are lots of people just like your friend who still have the ability to be rational about things. I'm not as interested in adding people to the gun community (although that's always nice) as I am in persuading people that gun control isn't the answer- its part of the problem.

Good on you, sir.