Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Leave that dang Constitution OUT of this!

The metrocon fortnightly noted this little gem from MSNBC.  They want to leave that pesky foundation document out of the whole gun rights debate.  And they strawmen gun enthusiasts, ascribing us to positions none of the non-crank among us hold.

Won't some person of authority SWAT up the MSNBC offices and jail everyone there without cause or habeus corpus for the good of the rest of the country already.  They don't need any lawyers either.  Jail any of those that show up, too.  MSNBC is a menace.  We need to be rid of them for the good of the children.  Won't ANYONE think of the CHILDREN.  /sarcasm

I'm just taking their cues... 


Old NFO said...

Frikkin ridiculous... sigh

Stretch said...

That statement clearly marks the man as The Enemy.