Thursday, December 6, 2012


North Central Idaho quotes this Mauser guy with his slip of admitting to the world that his way of thinking is all about Collectivism.

Notice that victims or relatives of victims of mass shootings, you invariably have one of them making a career out of it?  This guy from Columbine, that kid from VT, that congress critter from the Long Island Express Train shooting 20 years ago.  Sarah Brady.  Being a victim is a racket or something.

Anyway, Mauser pulls a lotta factually challenged boners in that Atlantic article.

For instance, he is proud that because of Columbine he was able to get a gun-show 'loophole' bill passed in Colorado.  Because the underage shooters used an adult to buy their guns at a gun show.   If only the law had been in place years before the outrage.  Because then... the underage shooters could have used the same adult to buy their guns at a gun show...

He laments:  “I heard the same kinds of statements from some people after Columbine: ‘Well, you know, they had bombs, too.’ The fact is that the deaths were from guns.”  Actually, the deaths were from killers.

Mauser does some amatuer psychology, with the country on the couch being too infantile, next.  He wants us to be more like mature Euro countries where the violent crime rate is on the rise (he doesn't note this rise, and I think assumes the opposite.  I think he thinks 'there are fewer guns there, it MUST be better in Euro-land...').  Unlike here in America, where the guns are and crime rates are going down.  Plus, if we were more Euro-y, he thinks, it would be easier to do the whole confiscation thing.  This segues into the collectivism quote.

Then he says that then: “The people themselves would understand that having guns around puts them in more danger.”  Do you have any evidence at all that this is true?  Because there is plenty of evidence that it is not true, and there is correlation that it may be the opposite.

Read the whole thing.  It's amazing that apart from the one interview subject that is only a small part of the whole article that the MSM Atlantic actually gets this close to 'our' side on the issue.


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Murphy's Law said...

Tom Mauser pimped his kid's tragedy into a paid career as a flack for the very people that danced in his kid's blood.