Sunday, December 2, 2012

Doomsday Preppers

Horrible show.  A train wreck.  And bad for 'our side', this Doomsday Prepper show.  (Bob Owens is unimpressed with the show, too.)

TV shows need to sell soap to make money.  So they need ratings.  To get rating they need colorful entertaining characters to showcase.  So they show preppers that seem a bit... off.  Showing a regular everyday Joe and his family doing some disaster prepping is boring.  Super-preppers know their OPSEC and are too paranoid to agree to be filmed, and rightly so.  So the only ones left to show are clueless weirdos.  Might as well be subject on Hoarders, these folks.

So now, most people are getting their introduction to Survival Prepping by watching fools and crazies do it on the TV.  "Prepping?  That what them dunderheads on A&E do? HAW!  Yeah, I'm not crazy so I don't do that kind of nonsense."  So now we have a negative.  And at a time when other circumstances are normalizing the utility of prepping and are a net positive.  Which is probably what prompted this show in the first place, prepping was getting mainstreamed by other events. 

So, Liberals already thought it was a Conservative 'thing' and won't prepare.  And this show will dissuade some low information and uncommitted votes that preparing for bad events is a fools errand.  In the event of the unthinkable these groups will be part of the problem.  Say what you will about politics, I'd rather there be a few 'problems' as possible in the event of a disaster.


Bubblehead Les. said...

When this show first showed up last season, a lot of the "Common Sense" Preppers who were approached by the Production Company passed on the offer, mainly because the producers WANTED Nut Jobs.

Sounds like they got their wish again.

Old NFO said...

Yep, gives us ALL a bad name, and they are getting their 15 minutes of fame at our expense.

Geodkyt said...

Even the sane ones get presented as weirdos.

But yeah, they do go for the "America's Got [Prepping] Talent!" kind of freak show preppers, when they can.

Boat Guy said...

C'mon, if somebody hasn't got it figured out by now, they sure as hell aren't gonna have some TV-inspired epiphany. We call this "natural selection" out here.
The leftists etc who don't prepare are only part of the problem when they become mobs in the cities, otherwise there's another term for them; "food" for each other and the worms.
We just need to give them a wide berth..fortunately they don't seem to like it as much out here as they do where you are.