Saturday, December 15, 2012

THIS is why

I don't care how much you pay, a job like this would be tedious.

Better than starving.  Which is why hungry people in China now do it.  Make jack in the boxes.

Americans will do any job.  MBtGE discuss that.  Would you do that porta pot vacuuming job in the summer?  No, not for what they are getting paid.  But there is a salary level where I would take that job.  Where I would leave my current job, even, so go tend fiberglass portable outhouses.

That's not to say I'd LOVE doing it. 

But when someone tells you that such and such an illegal alien group are doing job that Americans won't do, call that person a liar.  The immigrants are doing jobs Americans won't do at that pay grade.  If the illegal immigrants weren't there then that might actually PAY at that level.  Or go undone.  Whichever.


JD Rush said...

Usually they are liars with a vested interest. Either votes or cheap labor is the only goal.

JB Miller said...

There is a pay point I would do almost any job.

It is way too easy to exploit illegals.

It's often a form of slavery.

Robert Fowler said...

Here in Iowa, the meat packing industry used to be a very good paying job. That was before the illegals all showed up and would work for less than minimum wage.

The answer to the illegal problem is not in arresting the illegals. Arrest the people in charge of the companies. Jail time years X number of illegals. It would only take a couple CEO's being arrested, tried and convicted and the illegal problem would solve its self. If there are no jobs, they have no reason to stay.

TheAxe said...

Hearing "Pop goes the weasel" all day might drive someone postal.