Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hmmm... apparently only leftist idealogues and the press seem to jump to the gun ban conclusion.  And the American people haven't fallen for the screeching just yet.  Normal citizens have a more moderate approach

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Paladin said...

When I consult the Magic 8-Ball to see what's forthcoming, I see....

Obama already has a plan in his head. That's why he's ready to "push it" without supposedly knowing what the commission will come up with. The "commission" is merely a sideshow.

Once they've come up with the solutions to keep us safe (that he's already decided on) it will consist of major gun control including a return of the AWB. He knows that alone won't get traction so he'll lump in a bunch of other stuff like special commisions to look at violence in movies & games and increased funding for "mental health" through Obamacare, etc. - all stuff that people are less apt to dismiss out of hand.

When it's put to a vote... the Liberals can then paint anyone who votes against the Super Safety Plan as "against keeping crazy people from murdering people with guns".

Don't you want mentally ill people to get help?... for the sake of the children? I can hear it now.