Monday, December 10, 2012

Went Hunting

Well, it was more like "went 'sitting briefly'" followed by "went butchering".

MBtGE did all the shooting.

Thing is, when I stood up to go to his stand and start the process, I spooked a deer that had been heading my way.  15 more minutes...

I kept the pic small of me getting this fellow's coat off, because it might be gross to some readers.  Click to embiggenate, I think.  The pants were on sale, is why I have them. 

Great day for it.

After quartering and getting ready to head home we went back to the gut piles to see if the vultures found them yet.  The gut piles were GONE.  Maybe some bit of intestine, left.  Amazing. 

Done with meat in the freezer by 1PM.  Time for beer at that point.  Now I need to think on tenderloin prep


Anonymous said...

Main reason I have never been hunting is that I have no idea how to do that! How do you learn that stuff? Nobodies gramps teach that stuff anymore.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I let MBtGE learn the hard way, then learned from him.

Also, youtube.