Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I've been doing this a while and some truisms have emerged in the self defense culture.  Now I need to cite the plethora of examples, but I wanted to get this down with just the few I have at my fingertips.  Examples take research and work, but the skeleton is easy.

Fact:  Madmen go on killing sprees.  And have been doing so for ages.  Means of destruction can vary

Fact:  Madmen gravitate to easy victims.  This happens so often it can't be ignored.  Crowds of unsuspecting victims.  Seemingly to maximize their internal rage by expanding the suffering.

Fact:  When confronted in midst of their spree with resistance, the wind often goes out of the sails or the rampage.   The spree generally concludes soon after.

Fact:  The only other way a spree ends is generally by suicide, either to themselves or suicide by cop.  A gun tends to stop the killing.

Like I said, I can think of plenty of supporting evidence.  Can anyone think of counter examples to the above 4?

You can't stop the first two.  Look at China on that dark day (and many other days...  seems to be a trend to knife school kids in China right now), look at the Bath Michigan Bomber, look at the spike in crime in Great Britain post gun ban.

Maximizing the chances of second two occurring as early in the spree as possible should be policy.  You don't get rid of bad guys by hamstringing good guys.  A police officer in every school like Geraldo Rivera said?  Expensive.  How bout letting other good guys you don't have to pay possibly be on school grounds?

Also, the unspoken 5th fact.  If you want fewer madmen going on killing sprees, have fewer madmen.

We need Crazy Control.  Gun Control doesn't curb violence and it's a violation of our sacred and protected constitutional rights.  Beltway Sniper, Virginia Tech, Columbine,  Aurora,  Arizona, Newtown.  ALL done by folks crazier than an outhouse rat!


Bubblehead Les. said...

Never could understand the Antis Thought Process that "NO one but Police or Military should have Guns! Guns Are Evil!" But when a Goblin/Nutjob shows up and starts Shooting, they want us to call 911 and wait and wait and wait for a person with a Gun to show up and save them.

But GOD FORBID an Armed Citizen should be standing next to them returning Fire!

Old NFO said...

Nope no counters that I can think of either...

Anonymous said...
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