Tuesday, March 31, 2015

9 May Issue States

This article got me to thinking...

There are 9 May-Issue, as opposed to Shall Issue states:

DE, CT* are pretty permissive, and MD, NJ, NY, MA, RI, CA, HI

So, nine 'Gun Crow' states.  Currently.  When you look at the history of gun control, the underlying theme is "people with swarty skin and darker are getting their hands on guns, and we don't want that!" up until 1965.  Gun control after that has to be a bit more sneaky with it's racism and rights denials.  Using insinuation.  Instead of saying 'no guns for black people' say 'Saturday night specials are banned'.  Disparate impact, and all that.  And people that look down their noses on black people often are the same people that look down their noses at people that like guns and aren't black and live in flyover country.  Funny enough, this is the group of people that are tapped for the political class, too.

Anyway.  The ones highlighted in bold, above, actually had other Jim Crow laws of various types, in the past, according to wikipedia.

Which seems odd, as a few deep south states aren't on that list.  (for example, Alabama... the state with Selma and Birmingham and Governor Wallace and Bull Connor.. not listed there, were there unwritten codes in Alabama?  Bet your bippy...)  Which leads me to believe that either the list is incomplete, or the Black Codes were unwritten laws in some jurisdictions.   Just as strict, but not as 'official.'

It's an oddly pervasive sea to sea list, I had not expected.  Montana?  I mean, really.

Here's hoping in 50 years we look back to today and note there are no longer any May Issue rights violators and hasn't been, legally, for some time.


michael plumb said...

I think where you have CN, you meant to put CT.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


Dunno why I thought their abbrev was CN... I knew that. Just not then, apparently.

Comrade Misfit said...

NY and CT were issuing CCW permits when it was illegal in most states to carry a concealed weapon. CT was effectively "shall issue" as even if you were denied by your town, you could appeal it to the state board and they usually granted the permit.

NY has been on a county-by-county basis. Hard to get one in Nassau and Westchester, lots easier elsewhere (almost impossible in NYC).

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

So it's like bus restrictions ONLY in Selma and Birmingham, but no problem in the rest of Alabama? Ok.

Mike W. said...

DE is pretty much shall-issue if you jump through the hoops and have a clean record.

The only hang-up is if you've dealt with a crazy person / anyone who has a vendetta against you. Since you have put notice of CCW application in the newspaper, if someone takes issue and contacts the AG's office, your chances of being granted a permit goes down considerably.

Basically, anyone with an axe to grind who wants to portray you of being dangerous / of poor character will throw a wrench into things, even if what they say is entirely without merit.

Fat chance of us going shall-issue anytime soon, sadly.