Thursday, March 26, 2015

n00b holsters

Talk of holsters and myearlier n00bs post.

I encourage them to buy a safe to secure a first firearm in before buying a gun. But I also need to encourage them to buy a holster soon after getting the gun. Even if they NEVER intend to ever carry it outside the house or range. For just in case, so they don't have to shove it in their front pants under their belt and then end up serving as an example to others when they ND. (Don't forget trigger guard cover is the most important part of a n00b holster...)

I was trying to come up with a list of holster makers that meet minimum functional requirements at the lowest cost. When they get more enthused about toting they can do their own research to get the high quality fancy expensive stuff with exotic leathers and whatnot.

But I don't know a list, off the top of my head. Oh, I know some yes. Comp-tac, Galco, Safariland, Bianchi... I steer them away from Fobus and Uncle Mikes unless it is just a pocket holster for a j fram. And Serpa because I don't like that button's reliability.

Lists of holster manufactures are out there, but which meet the criteria?


abnormalist said...

for cheap leather, I'm a fan of don hume... really reasonable for the price and all I've seen include good guard coverage

B said...

Stoner Holster

Good quality leather at a good price. Guaranteed forever if they fail due to workmanship. I've abuse mine and they have fixed it no questions asked. I own several.

Highly recommended.

Mike W. said...

Ryan Grizzle of

Love his stuff, especially the horsehide.

Siege said...

For Glocks, I actually like the Glock Brand Glock Holsters. About $12, and that's what I carry my 17 in. I've done everything from parkour to jumping jacks with nary a single attempt for it to wiggle free.

dehakal said...

Alien Gear

Bradley said...

Dragon Leather works, some damn good leather holster, and are priced a lot lower then the quality that you get.

If DLW is out of the users price range, I have had good luck with simply rugged. Not DLW quality, but also not DLW price.