Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yet another Gun School AAR

Well, our barrel bushings were Saturday's project.  First you spin em on something and use a file to get them to fit on the outside diameter. 

Then you use a reamer to get the inside diameter right.  I don't see it on this page.  But, my God look at all that expensive tooling a blacksmith need to fix a plethora of guns up.  Phew.  Money.

Now fit it in the slide and be sure it doesn't try to spring on you.

The reamer makes little steel chips that act like needles and get everywhere.

Sunday is barrel lug fitting day.  Another easy to damage, expensive, specialized tool that is good for nothing else to get the oversize lugs down top .186", then .195", then fit with a sharpie and a carbide bit in the dremel.  And this one is home work.  Not enough time to get it in class.  Mark the lugs, mate frame to slide with the barrel fixed in place, put in the slide stop and press the slide against the stop.  Wiggle the stop.  Disassemble and note where there is shiny spots on the lugs.  Carefully tickle off these spots with the dremel.  Repeat.  Ugh.  It's not easy.

Make up snow day is next week and presumably it's hammer sear day.

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