Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And before the ATF backed out

Yesterday, someone asked me if they had banned all .223 ammo.  This was before lunch, so I explained how the M855 thing was to work.  Now overcome by events.

Out of curiosity I looked at Lucky Gunner a week and a half ago.  All they had in this caliber was one variety of target ammo, buck fiddy a round.  Now, today, they have a bunch more, since people were making a run on it.  The people that thought all .223 was drying up, and people that knew it wasn't except for steel core stuff, but wanted to have ammo before the idjits made is scarce.

Ahh, my fellow man.

Still can't get .22lr like you could.

Anyhoo, then was one variety.  Now it's 27 entries.  With not out of this world prices.

I just use Lucky Gunner as a general gauge of the market.  Sure I buy from them, but I'm not married to them.   They are a bit of a lazy/easy-button for me, tho. 

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