Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Et Tu Lileks

One of my favorite bloggers is James Lileks. And nowadays he occasionally writes for National Review.

But I fear last Thursday's column may be more evidence he is a metrocon... Oh dear. Shame, really. I like most all his style, his stuff. I've given his books away as Christmas gifts to many people, too.  But here is a snippet:

"Originally the State, it's now a children's theater. Among other things. People in Kansas do not freak out when a children's theater is next to a gun store. They just don't. Yet."

YET?!!  Oh dear.  And what is wrong with that?   It feels like he doesn't seem to like that.  Maybe I am off base and am reading him wrong.  But he is from North Dakota and Minnesota, and was bookish as a child...  His dad was a oil man.  In that he delivered and distributed petro-product to a places and had a Texaco.  Might not have been exposed much to firearms as a lad, even growing up in some open country areas.  I dunno.

Otherwise his conservative bonofides are there.

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