Monday, March 30, 2015


Saw Fury, finally.

I kinda assumed Shia LeBoef would have playing the annoying green as grass rookie in the tank. Instead, he was good. Hey, isn't that other guy the deputy from Walking Dead that somehow managed to keep his taut muscley chest waxed even during a Zombocalypse? Yes it is.

And hey, THAT's the FBI agent from that Wahlberg movie Shooter. And the battalion commander with a Boston accent? The evil British dude in The Patriot. Wow, I know all these guys.

People told me I'd be bummed by the gritty hopeless realism.  Pfff.  Once you've seen the first ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan it take a lot to out-grit that experience.

It is good to know that Hitler would have sex with me if I gave him a chocolate bar.

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LCB said...

I thought I would love Fury because "TANKS"...but it was largely "meh". I know US troops killed SS troops on sight, especially after Malmedy. But do we HAVE to get hit in the head with it in every war movie now???

And those crack SS troops at the end...apparently not understanding that tanks have blind spots. You know...when the turret faces "that a way" you come from "this a way". Tanks always require infantry support unless they're only fighting other tanks. I HATE having my intelligence insulted by movie writers. At least "try" to make your story believable.