Thursday, March 5, 2015

Master List Update

I haven't looked at the masterlist in a while. My list of guns I want and how bad I want em.

I haven't looked because I haven't wanted much in the way of guns. There is no gap in the battery I need to fill. And I am spending gun moneys on other things. See: Gunsmith classes. And there is more of those to take. I really enjoy the classes. The instructor is good and I like learning and I am rarely afraid of being initially ignernt so my ego isn't bruised ahead of time. Plus I am a slow learner. Witness the slowness of my marksmanship improvement. When I learned how to brew beer it took me twice as long to get it down than the average new brewer. How do I know? I trained a couple dozen fellas when I got a brewery of my own to run. They picked it up faster than me more often than not.

But once I got something mastered I do ok. The trick, for me, besides patience, is to find a sufficiently advanced teacher so I can go as far as possible down the knowledge road.

So, money for gunsmith learning. Prolly got some shooting-training in my future too.

But, if I WERE to update the masterlist... I think I'd still like a Winchester Model 88. I can hunt with an M1A or even a Garand, but a purpose built hunting rifle still tickles my fancy. If I fell in love with the right left handed bolty the Model 88 desire would fall by the wayside.

With all the 1911 gunsmith training, I'd like to buy 3 or 4 very cheap but not ruined 1911s. RIA or Howas. Filipino 1911s. Just base guns. And practice on them. Tune em up with my new found skill. Go to more classes with them if my skill is still weak. After these, maybe play with a Caspian frame or three.

But this would involve the Maryland gun control regime. And I won't play their reindeer games anymore. I can buy the Winchester out of state without a problem, but pistols are problematic until Mance V. Holder takes hold. It would please me to no end to buy 6 guns in Virginia, denying sales tax to my home state. And all because of Maryland's hatred for Civil Rights.

You know, some how I managed to get 3 Remington Model 10's without even trying. Two in good working order, but that means the shortish-sightless barrelled one can swap for something longer. But if I had to do shotguns all over again I'd just get one or 2 mid level two-barrel jobs. I don't mess with shotties much. Occasional clays and hunting. And for those 2 then reload is plenty.

I've toyed with the idea of a M&P45 or a XD Slim .45 or both. Should prolly add them to the list. At least the secondary. So, half want these and the doubles, whole want the 88 and the 1911s


Old NFO said...

Lists can be modified... Just sayin :-)

c-90 said...

Sarco e shop site, has factory seconds frames and receivers for sale, you could probably get a bunch thru the gunsmith's ffl (if he has one) for the course. pages E2 and F2 of .pdf file