Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Saw this referred to on Uncle's site.

"1911s, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

It is a decent artilce about 1911s from an avid fan and shooter of 1911s.

One of the big disadvantages in taking all those 1911 armorer and gunsmith classes?  It really warped my standards.  I know too much, now.   I know what it takes to make a really good 1911 and how to do so, even if I do not have the ability to reliably do it myself. 

What I am about to say may be a little controversial.  A decent 1911 costs $3000.  $800 guns from 1911 factories?  Are not decent.  Some are ok.  Some are dogs.  You might as well get an ugly Armscorps 1911 from the phillipines than get a sub $2000 American gun. 

There are things wrong with you Gold Cup.  That Wilson Combat isn't what you think it is.  Did some company tell you to shoot 300 rounds through it to break it in and work it loose?  Then they sold you an unfinished gun. 

Here is another problem.  There are LOTS of $800 guns with $3000 price tags.  But no gunstore is gonna let you inspect a custom 1911 with a full detail strip and smoke lamp to find out which 1911 it is. 

ANd $3k is for decent 1911s.  For a GOOD 1911, you need to spend $5000 or more.  Just for basic parts and labor and a boring finish.  You want fancy beside pretty grips?  You'll spend more.  Engraving, Damascus slide, titanium frame, melt job?  How much money you got?

Take an Armscorp 1911.  Luck out with the barrel to frame lockup being ok or unimportant to you at the ranges you want to use it (25 yards, for self-defense and IDPA, say).  Get someone that know what they are doing to put in a new sear and hammer.  Costs abot $500?  Assuming nothing else is wrong.  There.  A $1000 1911 that is ugly, a little softer steels, but is safe and you'll love the trigger.  But you can't buy this gun from a store shelf.  You have to get this done. 

Kinda puts a damper on 1911 ownership doesn't it?  Just get an M&P 45, right?  I can't help myself!  I just like 1911s!


Angus McThag said...

Just for curiousity's sake...

Is an issue M1911A1 a dog, decent or good?

Sometimes when I read about 1911 quality I am thinking we have soldiers and bench-rest shooters arguing about what constitutes a good bolt-action. While a K98k isn't shooting sub-moa, a bench-rest rifle is toast in the mud. I won't even bring up the topic of where to put the bayonet...

Tam said...

You need more gurus.