Monday, April 25, 2016

You too can screw up

Saw this in JayG's Facebook. 

You, Too, Can Screw Up a 1911

Don't I know it.   And you can do worse than that. 

My only issue with it is the 'all cheap 1911s are bad.'  Yes, pawn shop cheapies... someone is trying to sell his gunsmithing problem away.  But Armscor guns... I'm sorta converted on them.  And those are cheap.  If they used slightly better steels they'd be darn good instead of just good.

And limp wristing.  I'm also coming around on a gentler, relaxed grip.  For recoil control.  But that isn't really limp wristing.  The wrist is rigid enough, and something for the recoil to push off of, it's the grip that is light.  So apples and oranges, I guess. 

But that's just what I've been going by lately.  I need a lot more practice before I have any sort of authority.  It's just where I am now, in the journey.

Stand by for Bupkis Tuesday, tomorrow!


Old NFO said...

Some of us are further down the road... But it's the same journey! You get what you pay for...

Tam said...

"I'm also coming around on a gentler, relaxed grip. For recoil control."

For what? Bullseye shooting? You don't plan on doing any IDPA or USPSA or, hell, even PPC or Steel Challenge?

'Cause that "gentle relaxed grip" is only good if you've got your weak hand in your hip pocket and your splits measured with an hourglass.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yeah, you'd think that Tam, and I was fully on board with you there, but this other way is really helping me shoot (and not in bullseye) that Ima follow along with him until I undertand it better.

"You don't plan on doing any IDPA or USPSA or, hell, even PPC or Steel Challenge?"

Yes. For that. That is what it was for. It goes against everything. But that is where I am going.