Sunday, April 10, 2016

I don't want him to win

But I think he's gonna. And by a wide margin.


Tim said...

What else do you need to know?

Think about this one...... Love the message - will vote for the messenger.

Obama is against Trump.

The mainstream media is against Trump.

The establishment Democrats are against Trump.

The establishment Republicans are against Trump.

The Pope is against Trump.

The United Nations is against Trump.

George Soros is against Trump.

Black Lives Matter is against Trump. is against Trump.

Violent racist liberals are against Trump.

China and Mexico are against Trump.

Al Sharpton and Rosie O'Donnell are against Trump.

Hillary and Bill are against Trump.

SUMMARY: Trump's qualifications are very compelling! I'll vote for him.

Bradley said...

Trumps has been a life long democrat, for the most part has taken democratic positions, and has failed to up hold a single conservative position for more than the 15seconds he takes to say its is one of his 'core beliefs'.

If it is him as the GOP candidate, I Wont Vote. I will never vote for a democrat that is anti-gun, regardless of what party he claims he is.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I like him better than Mitt Romney.

Glenn B said...


Ronald Reagan was a democrat for many, many, many years. He got a lot of the same flack before he was elected by an overwhelming landside (for both of his terms). Did you not vote when he ran because he used to be a democrat?

Try to bear in mind, if Trump is the Republican candidate, not voting for him is one less vote against the demoncrat candidate - either Clinton or Sanders. Think about that really, really, really deeply.

I much would prefer Cruz get the nomination. If it is any one other than him or Trump though, I would consider that the republican party has COMPLETELY abandoned not only its base but any voter who put either Trump or Cruz up as the candidate with the most votes for the nomination. If Kasich gets the nod, or worse yet, someone not currently running like that arsehats Romney it will be one of the most shameful conventions ever.

What should I do if that happens? Should I never vote Republican again and assure my vote is one less against the demoncrats! Not a friggin chance unless a third party with a reasonable platform comes around tat actually stands a chance. Think about what your actions or lack of actions and the consequences they may well have before committing yourself. Clinton or Sanders as president - heaven help us because if not we will be doomed.

All the best,

LCB said...

Sad to say, but I don't think it matters at all. The government machine is no longer under congressional or presidential control. Occasionally the court smacks its little hand, but all in all the Bureaucracy is a ever growing creature that answers to no one.

Bradley said...

yes Reagan was a democrat, and he spent years talking about his conversion, I have yet to hear Trump hold a position longer than it takes him to say it.

I live in Washington state, so my vote either for the GOP or another party, does not mater, just like any of the GOP in CA and or MA, our votes just dont matter. Now if the GOP wants my vote, they better put someone up that I will vote for. My votes dont belong to the GOP, allowing them to think they do is what got us to this point.

sadly even if Trump wins both the GOP nomination and the Presidency, I dont see him being any better than any of the other life long democrats.