Saturday, April 30, 2016


I rarely have them.

In the dream, there was an intruder in my house. I 'woke' in the dream, thought something was fishy, and went to the front door. The lock was busted, so, I figured the bad guy was in the basement, as he wasn't in the living room or my bedroom. I was pretty sure. I didn't know, see?

I was armed in the dream, of course. A snubbie with a Crimson Trace laser. I really need to improve my "bump in the night" options. And I was scared enough I knew that stress would really throw off my shooting if that became necessary. You gotta calm yourself as much as possible, I don't need to tell you. That's a big part of the training I am doing at the gunsmith's shooting similator and range trip. Ramp up the stree to get used to dealing with it and endeavor to stick with the fundamentals.

But in the dream, I wasn't dealing with the mortal dread very well. And I knew it, in the dream.

Then there was a flash. Like a nuke touched off. But in the basement. My conclusion was the bad guy was messing with the circuit breaker box downstairs. Which is fine by me. I don't need light in my own house.

Then I woke up.

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David aka True Blue Sam said...

Ours was the real thing, and a big gun that begins with"4" is mighty comforting to have in your hands. Going shopping today for a house-carry gun for the Mrs. today.