Friday, April 29, 2016

Dunno if any of you saw this

Some kid in Baltimore was carrying a BB gun that looked like a Beretta.  And the cops shot him.  They couldn't tell from looking at it.  The kid was just injured and will be ok, but here is a picture of the replica gun and the

Which one is real which is fake?  I knew right away, but I have advantages that most reporters don't have.  This is close up.  At a greater distance and moving around and in a hand I don't know how a cop would instantly spot a fake in time to not have already acted on the assumption it is real.


The story got over-shadowed by the guy in the panda onesie outside a Bawlmer TV studio with a suicide vest with candy bars instead of dynamite upset about Bernie losing Maryland or something.  He also got winged by the cops for the trouble because at a distance, that could be Semtex.  What a world we live in.  They oughta sell tickets.

[Correction:  HEDGEHOG onesie.  I regret the error. -ed.]


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

'Onesie' That doesn't look right.

Wilson said...

I've owned several of that model and still couldn't tell from a distance. The kid is lucky he's not dead.