Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday Bupkis

Like Monday's but on a Tuesday.

Did my taxes a bit ago.  Noticed recently I am gaining on the pile of money that grows versus the  pile of money that shrinks.  Prolly because I am buying less expensive guns and gun skool accoutrement.    Now, the trick is not to get a new hobby.  I have no place to set up a machine shop.

The news said housing price averages have finally got back to the high water mark of 2005.  Wouldn't know that around here.   And the DC suburbs?  If that region can't keep high housing numbers I don't know what other areas can do to keep up.  Where are these recovered values, anyway, outside of San Francisco?

I was lucky to have bought in 1999.  But buddies are all later purchases and more financially precarious.  So they keep a closer eye on local property values than I do.  Not one of them reports that Zillow is thinking of a higher number than what they bought for. 

A socialist wouldn't be a serious contender right now if we had had a few 4% GDP growth quarters since 2001

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