Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ground Game

Election day.

Kasich's peeps called me trice. 

The Jewish Community Research Council called me twice, but didn't endorse anyone specifically. 

Jeff Jones called me for a congressional vote.  So did Aryen Shudofsky.

That's it.  None of the front runners cared about my vote. 

Jeff Jones?   On guns he says

I don't want to take guns away from responsible citizens. It is a Constitutional right. But we need help getting to reasonable limits as to who can own guns and what type and for what reason. Background checks can protect school children from being killed in their classrooms, or our children attending a movie should not have to worry about whether they get to go home or not. Access to guns should be limited. It might also be helpful if licenses were issued with the kind of arrangements driver's licenses are controlled. It should be renewable, it should be considerate of age and ability etc. there ought to be classes required for gun safety and possession guidelines. Hundreds of children shoot or kill friends or siblings because they find a loaded gun where it shouldn't be. Maybe regulation could come in the form of ammunition control. How many bullets do you need to hunt for food? How many bullets are going to be needed if you want to protect your home and belongings from an intruder?

So, yeah, an idiot.  And the other guy that called, Shudofsky is a Toomey-Mankin man.  Nope. 

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