Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cat Calls

One of the feminist bugaboos getting ink in the last few years is about women walking down the street getting catcalls from construction workers.

The women bringing this up are usually in coastal urban settings.

States with very little condoned conceal carry.

Do women get catcalls from construction workers as much in Dallas?  Phoenix?  Indianapolis?  Memphis?  States where those ladies might have a defensive pistol concealed on their person?  You tell me.  Bound to be some women that enjoy walking tours of cities all over this great country of ours. 

I'm curious if anyone has noticed a difference.   Or a difference over time.  What would construction sites in New York sound like 3 years after a shall issue ruling at SCOTUS removes obstacles to exercising their rights.

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Wolfman said...

Anecdote does not equal data, but I must admit that, as a construction worker, I have never actually witnessed a work crew catcalling a woman walking down the street. Look? Yes. Get distracted? Sure. Make comments to others on the crew? Also yes. But if you've got time to stop working and yell suggestive things to girls on the street, you ain't working hard enough. I don't think it happens like they say it does. When it apparently does, the story seems to be New York City every time- that bastion of class and culture!