Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The movie Colors.


Seemed much scarier and gritty when it came out.  Less so in the rear view mirror.  But that era had a much higher murder rate than today.  It SHOULD be scary because of that, but the movie doesn't convey that.  It holds up 30 years later, but only a little bit.

One issue is the actors went on to be associated with other things

Are those ALL the Wayans brothers before In Living Color.  The guy humping the plushy is Major Payne.

Holy crap, Don Cheadle is the main bad guy!  War Machine?  I LOVED him in Oceans 11.

Sean Penn playing himself again.  A dumbass.

Nice to see the cops with all these revolvers 

And the sound track.  I wish I could go back in time and tell Ice T about the house he lives in in 2016.

You don't know me. Fool!
You disown me?  Cool?

Yeah, good lyrics Mr. T.  Wait. I can't call you by THAT honorific...

The title song came to mind and I changed it around in my head to explain the situation in Ireland to folks totally ignorant.

I am an Irishman walking, leprechaun stalking
King of Dublin, bout the Trouble they're talkin'
Living life like a firecracker, drinkin' dat stout
Just watch out for Tommy when the IRA's out

 Green or Orange 'cuz of religion
It just don't matter

Suckers dive for their life when my dancing clogs clatter
The folk of the Isle will never die!
Just multiply, Colors

Well, I don't know if those will help them be less ignorant about Ireland, but it's a thing.  Breda is gonna prolly kill me now.  If her Mom doesn't get to me first.  SORRY!  Not the face!

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Arthur said...

"The guy humping the plushy is Major Payne."


That, the bull story and Robert Duvall just needing to catch his breath are about all I remember from that movie.