Thursday, June 23, 2016

Latest Round's Sausage

Plenty of folks reported on the failure of recent gun control legislation.  Yay.  Good.  Most of the prize showcases up for bid on the Gun-Bans Is Right were various flavors of gutting due process.  So an attack on the 5th Amendment, that Liberals normally really like, and not the 2nd.  Which is a change of pace for Bloomberg's flying monkeys.

We won?  No.  Not really.  We could only lose.  We didn't lose.

My question is, what did they offer our side?  You want us to yield on due process, that is a big leap.  You gotta pay a big price in return.  How come non of the gun control folks thought it necessary to throw a compromise in there to get this bill over the finish line. 

Like I said, it's have to be something big.  Vermont style conceal handgun carry nationwide?  My preference is to KEEP all the due process AND have Vermont carry, but I am talking politics here. 

Oh, right.  Election year.  These bills were never supposed to be about compromise.  They were about electioneering.  It didn't matter if they won or lost.  They had to draw lines, not rules.

But if you were making sausage, and you were a politician, and not someone that likes the Constitution or are a firearm enthusiast like us... Say you were John Cornyn or McCain; Tim Manchin or Kelly Ayotte.  What do you haggle over when Diane Feinstein calls for a big bite of the apple?  She gets a big bite of Apple A, but in return she gives up:  WHAT?  To ge the NRA off of folks backs they are gonna need to get something for us in return.  Again she is always asking for a LOT.  She has to reciprocate with something BIG. 

Or we can just watch the spectacle on the House floor as there is a sit-in protesting against civil rights led by a guy that 50 years did sit-ins protesting for civil rights.  Gross.

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