Friday, June 24, 2016

MOAR Restrictions

So, I hear from Democrats, Gun-Banners, Liberals, and the Media (ahem) that even a HUGE majority of gun owners favor more restrictions on guns.  They often cite a 90% number.

Then they change the subject.

I know a lotta gun owners.  I don't know any that favor restrictions.  So., extraordinary claims should elicit extraordinary supporting evidence, no?  WHAT restrictions are we for that will make Diane Feinstein so happy if the NRA would just let pass?  Crickets.  Usually.  Makes you think they are lying, no?

But listening to NPR and it sounded like they actually were exploring what type of new restrictions us gun owners might be cool with.  The reporter checked with 7 different gun stores before she found one that would talk to her.  That gun store owner was in favor of a restriction.  Ban on private sales.  Make it so folks have to go through an FFL.

Hmmm, even the NPR reporter noted that was a little self-serving.

Another firearm enthusiast and shooting competitor and instructor noted his state had relaxed gun crimes down to mere misdemeanors.  He was fine with making stuff like that a felony because he knew he was never going to commit crimes with his guns.  Lock up violators and throw away the key.  What point is there to not enforcing or weakly enforcing laws against firearm crimes?

Another thing?  Folks seem to be for things like being sure if a person is adjudicated mentally defective someplace that someone should actually tell the background check people that instead of hiding it under a bushel.

I don't think they extra gun 'restrictions' gunnies support is what the gun banners are trying to imply they support.  So, no, NPR's Aarti Shahani, it ain't the kind of pro reform you and your allies really want, now, is it?  But please, talk to the NRA.  Compromise.  That means YOU offer up something.  For once.

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Mike V. said...

I'm in favor of adding people who have been involuntarily committed in a mental institution to the Instant Check system. Outside that, I'd have trouble supporting any firearms restrictions. And I'd want SBRs, SBSs, and suppressors changed to the Any Other Weapon catagory in return.