Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Is positively tickin' some folks off. 

You readers (both of you) already know how I feel about President Lord Business.  I'm no Trump supporter, but I am no #NeverTrump.  I find him loathsome, and am perplexed at his success, but I dislike the other side even worse.

Getting a little fed up with otherwise allies losing their goddamn minds about Trump.  Been doing a lot of mournful unfollowing on social media as they continue to beat their drum and pray for rescue from Mitten, swooping down like a Valkyrie to save the party by losing to a jailed Hillary.  People that I once looked forward to interesting comments on various wide ranging subject now have just the one.

Not really having a horse in this race, and being neutral, I am finding all this railing and fussing tiresome and repetitive.  And then I thought "this is how non-gun friends feel like when I am pushing firearms into the conversation to garner more fodder!"  Huh. 

I am much less tedious around the straights than I used to be.  Even at my worst enthusiasm about firearm, it was nothing like me in my 20s when I had a passion for beer making.  What a bore I was.  My ex-wife was nice enough to develop an innocent innocuous code phrase way back then to jar me from my droning that meant 'dammit!  pump the breaks on the zymurgy jibber jabber!' and I'd change the subject.  Something simple like "And how is your old friend Steve?!"  Aha.  Thank you dear.  I will ask them about their favored sportsball team now or offer the fetch the canapés. It didn't mean my thoughts on brewing weren't VERY interesting.  It's just that we have trod that conversational ground and don't need to review further and I should keep it to myself.

#NeverTrumpeteers?  How is your old friend Steve?

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Windy Wilson said...

To use a gun analogy, Trump is Russian Roulette as to what we'll get from a Trump Presidency, while the Hillary Presidency is Russian Roulette with all cylinders filled.