Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Range work 3


Look at #4.  Then it struck me...   I remembered Sam has noticed I wasn't using enough finger on the trigger.  My left index finger was just on the tip of it.  Aha!  Glad I remembered that.  And #5 is better.

Started strong with #1!



DAMMIT.  I needed to lube my pistol.  Did so at the range.  When I have oil in my hand my brain was thinking 'gunsmith' and I caught myself muzzling my own fingers.  GAH.  I need to do some serious attitude adjustment on this.  I have lost a step on safety training.

The range was crowded, which is good.  I wanted to do a session with more loud booms and flying brass all about.

My results were ok, but middling.  My head wasn't quite in it.  Right out of the gate on #1 was kinda nice.  That was a high point. 

#1 is strong again.  Getting tired by #6.  I'll get better at fatigue, but I am not there testing fatigue.  #4 isn't shabby at all.  Had a flyer on #3 I can't account for, tho.  I want 60 shot and they all look like #1 and #4.

25 feet, .22lr, Ciener conversion, in case you forgot.  CCI standard ammo.  I get a failure to extract once every other magazine.  I load to 10.

One more procedural detail.  I have 3 magazine.  So, sometimes, it's shoot all three and reload.  Sometimes it is shoot once, bring it back to look at it, put it back out, reload a magazine, and fire another string at the next target in line.  It varies.  But I am trying to take my time.

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Old NFO said...

Keep working and watch the complacency... You ARE getting better!:-)