Monday, June 20, 2016

Range work

So a few weeks back I went to live fire with my trainer, after qualifying in the simulator.  .22lr only for now.  But I can work on my own.  While it has been a BUSY month, with 400 mile trips hither and yon every weekend for a while, I still got to the range once or twice because of the break throughs from the training session.  The skill is perishable, and I wanted to reinforce what I learned.

Good news and bad news.

The good news is I sorta held onto the improvement.  The bad news is, it's only sorta.

This is two weeks ago.  I marked the order I went with the targets.  I loaded a magazine and fired it off at #1, then switched to #2 with the second magazine, &c. 

One, crappy, Two, crappy, Three, no better.  Ok, darnit, calm down.  Think about the fundamentals.  Relax.  Trigger pull.  Don't hunch up your head and shoulders.  Don't grip tights as Dick's hatband.  It's .22, and he promised to transition to a tighter grip later.  For now, relaxxxxxxxxxx. 

Four is better.  Five is even better.  Hey, next session go ahead and run the target out and back to see how you did.  Maybe you could have caught yourself at Two.  Six... good.  Notice none of the shot are low and right on 4, 5, and 6...  Only 10 rounds left.  Seven.. meh.  Where is the fifth shot?  Dunno.  Eight, I had a negligent shot.  The 'Dammit' shot.  Finger was on the trigger before the sight was on the target.  Paused and calmed before shooting the next four rounds.  Seven and Eight is showing some fatigue.

Last week is this target. 

Again with the needing to settle in.  One Two and Three.... not so good.  Four...  THERE we go.  The flyer in the center is from the Three string.  I am forgetting my training again.  Glad I ended six that way.

It's quite humbling.  Maybe I'll be good enough in five years if I keep at it and put a ragged hole in the center.  But it's stall a long hill to climb, no?  It will be something to just have them all be like number Four.  With two or three shots in the seven ring and everything else in well inside the five.

Oh, my local range has improved the lighting, and that is appreciated.  But there is still a 25 foot minimum distance, so this is all that.  8 yards.  More practice this week.  Maybe tomorrow.  That's be good.  Maybe go twice a week.  Oooo, I should oil this gun.  Ceiner conversion kit.

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Old NFO said...

Those are a LOT better than where you were a year or so ago... It takes time and practice. Keep up the good work!