Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Gun Owner

A co-worker is getting a gun!  Got the Maryland permission chit and everything and is now trying to decide.

He seems to have his heart set on an XD.  I told him the pluses and minuses of that design.  Repeatedly.  He still wants it.  I think he is trying to save $50?

He says to me "Maybe I can find a used HS2000!  Those, you see, are the same gun as the XD.  Did you know that?" "Yes." "Well maybe I can get one of them and save another $100" "...." 

"What else should I get at that price point, if not an XD?"  Well, I keep telling you M&P and Glock are still in that price point.  Below that price point is a Hi-Point pistol.  That stuff from Turkey. Above that is Sig and Smith Revolvers and H&K and 1911s

Heck, he REALLY liked the VP9 he borrowed and shot.  It's $700.  He's a technology professional and makes as much or more money than I do.  And balks at going from $450 to $700 on such a durable good.  It is what it is.

"It'll last for 150,000 rounds instead of 175,000 like a Glock, but I don't see myself exceeding 100,000."

"Yeah... let's say you shoot 50,000 [heh] at 50 rounds in a box, so that is 1000 boxes of ammo at $25 a pop.  $25,000 in ammo spent.  Go ahead and buy the $700 gun you think you'd love than the $450 compromise gun, maybe?"


Will said...

I would expect him to buy a ten dollar holster for it, also. Those sort of gun owners generally do that.

Greg said...

Once some people get an idea in their heads, they won't change their minds come hell, high water, or just plain old logic. Especially with new shooters; like toddlers, you just have to let them make mistakes and hopefully learn from them and eventually, in most cases, everything turns out for the best.