Thursday, June 30, 2016

You can CHOOSE

"The source of your home's electricity."

Liars.  They only offer the BS clean sources   I'd choose soft anthracite coal with high sulphur and mercury content if they let me, but no.  What a rip off.

I remember the 70s!  All coal all the time, to defeat the oil shocks.  We were the Saudi Arabia of coal.  We should be converting back to steam train locomotives, they said then.  It'd help us beat back the coming ice age if it weren't for haze reflecting sunlight.  But soot on glaciers was a good thing for melting them bastard.  By 2010 there'd be a glacier wall a half mile high south of Cleveland.

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LCB said...

Look up ACE 3000 Steam Engine sometime. If oil had stayed expensive in the 80's, it might have happened.