Sunday, June 19, 2016

What if?

What if?

What if, on a lark, we gave Obama carte blanch and he enacted ALL the gun control schemes that have been bandied about lately.

Universal Background Checks.  Sale denial if there is a HINT of anything the FBI or local police have a slight concern about.  Denial to everyone on the watchlist after it has been doubled and include all their family members, too.  Assault weapons ban and mandatory turn in of the 10s of Millions of so called assault weapons already out there.

Lets say he got his wish in January of 2013. 

Would there be any impact?  Would Orlando have happened?  Yes.  He was a security guard.  He coulda swung another weapon source if the Florida gunstores only had lever guns and revolvers. 

Give Obama more leeway.  Let him repeal the 2nd amendment 3 years ago.  Like we were Britain.  Mandatory turn ins.

Gun deaths would INCREASE dramatically then.

Because this isn't Britain or Australia.  They can't even get peeps in Connecticut to register their so-called assault weapons.  Some people would turn their guns in.  More people would ignore the order and dig in their heels.  And a non trivial number would resist, violently. 

I know a lot of gun bloggers.  Reasonable and nice folks.  Not the foaming at the mouth sorts you hear about and meet occasionally and know are out there.  But damned if a few of them reasonable sorts would get a bug up there and fight back.  Of course the foaming at the mouth sorts will. 

So, what is the point?  Nothing you propose for gun control will work, and what will work you don't dare consider if you can think beyond Stage 1 and consider the consequences that would be worse than the cure.

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Brigid said...

The terrorist that attacked those innocents in Orlando admired the Boston Marathon bombers - had he been denied a weapon, I am pretty certain he would have simply chosen a home made bomb. It's not the tools, it's the evil behind them, we have to worry about.