Monday, June 13, 2016

Tam has a logbook

With it, she can tell you that that Glock over there was made in 1992 (notated when she looked up long ago) and has had its recoil spring replaced 428 round ago.

Hmmm.   Like many of Tam's notions this is one of those Good Ideas.  Well, for gun geeks with a bit of anal-retentiveness, for gun writers trying to accumulate data, and for regular Joe Schmoes, if they are of a mind.

I'm thinking I should do this NOW with my rebuilt and from scratch 1911s.  Since, A) I know precisely where they are and what is in them, and B) it's just them two, and maybe a 3rd later.  Or 4th on the outside.  Easy to monitor.  And the four chapter would look like this so far:

  1. SpringRebuild:  307 rounds, plus extra on the barrel
  2. 001:  2016 build, 0 rounds
  3. 002: unbuilt
  4. 003: unbought
Good ground zero there.

(And I need to pump the breaks and Tam-Queues.  The problem is she is one of the few active gun bloggers still blogging guns on my blogroll.  When there is only the one waterhole all the plains animals come for a drink.  I need to expand my reading list.)


ASM826 said...

I have moved into a couple of gun forums. Cast Boolits is my favorite. It has a huge archive on every topic, lots of reloading info, and a sense of community.

Old NFO said...

Sorry... And yes, Tam's idea is a good one!