Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Beretta Boom Better

I asked the gunsmith how they accurized an M9 at the Army Marksmanship Unit.  I know a bit about the 1911, but the Beretta is different.

It's complicated.

I asked Sam what it entailed.  A bit of his explanation was over my head.

The barrel doesn't move, but lockup is happening all around it.  And you want that to be consistently going to the same place every time, and be tight when it gets there.  To start, get a slide with a hole for the barrel that needs to be reamed out to fit that barrel a lot tighter than factory.

Complicating matters is the aluminum construction.  This accurized gun you make will be done in a season.

The sear engagement is very important, of course.

A commenter was kind enough to find an online resource in the same vein.  A lotta stuff in that pdf link mirrors what Sam Hatfield was talking about.

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Rich P said...

Actually the barrel does move, just a short distance straight back, without tilting. It turns out there are about 4 flavors of locking block with various degrees of radius at the base of the locking lugs, to reduce breakage. The original had no radius, and was known to occasionally crack under much use.