Sunday, October 23, 2016

What's the perfect shoe?

I mean for everything?  A shoe that can do anything.  Cleaned up and worn with a suit, traipsing in the barnyard or afield deer hunting, or what have you.

A Texan will tell you a cowboy boot.  But I think Indian Jones has shown that the chukka is nigh perfect for everything.


 Can you recommend a chukka boot?

I got this on super sale a few years ago.  The laces are a weakness and the sole wore pretty fast.


Bob said...

Clark's Desert Boots are the traditional light-use chukka, great for warm weather. Because they use crepe soles they aren't durable, you'd need to buy a new pair every couple of years.

As for the chukkas pictured, I notice that they are Goodyear welt construction, which means you can get the entire bottom sole replaced, any good cobbler can do this.

Here's a selection from Doc Marten:

Bob said...

And an alternative to laces is the monk strap, such as these first-rate monk-strap chukkas by Frye:|pg41784&utm_content=176102676779&utm_campaign=Google%20Shopping%20-%20New

jon spencer said...

About the best made.
You do get what you pay for though.

abnormalist said...

Yes, for life...

they repair or replace all the time

Wolfman said...

I don't have any lace-up boots by them, but I've got a pair of Frye harness boots that are pretty fantastic, and still made in the US. As long as you care for the uppers properly the soles are easily replaceable. I'm a big fan of the Vibram mini lug for general use. I used to wear the standard logger lug, but I wish I'd done one pair of my work boots in mini-lug last time I rebuilt, because it carries a lot less mud out here in Oregon.

While Doc Martens are good boots, they are not as easily resolable as standard goodyear welt or McKay/Italian boots and shoes. They require special tools to weld the soles on.

Hathorn boots, by White, are also VERY good shoes, but you pay a premium for them. Wesco (West Coast Boot Company) boots are FANTASTIC and can be made to order with custom sizes, but they cost enough to replace your feet and buy cheaper shoes.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm wearing Docs right now. They a'ight. It'd get the sole replaced when it wears out except for the fact by the time it needs that the upper has worn through. A 5 year average life is typical, I have found. So I've owned 4 pairs.

abnormalist said...

Tbolt, all the more reason for the docs "for life" idea... Kill em, $25 and they replace em!

I'm hard on shoes, and I will wear out a pair of docs in normal office wear in about 2 years. That is not in outdoors wear, not in casual wear, just in the office. Wear through the sole (right in the ball of the foot, straight through), wear out parts of the upper (like through the leather). Then for $25 a swap I get a brand new pair. I'm actually buying a second pair so I have one to wear while they are doing the swap.

Totally worth it