Sunday, October 30, 2016

Range Trip Oct 26th

Instead of pairs, I did tres this time.  Try to do a good trigger pull T-Bolt.  You're getting too fast with that.  Sure it is a better fast, but you have a long way to go before you can rush things and get good results.  That was my thought going in.  I only succeeded so much.

First set of three has a vertical line above the hole.  Second set is circled.  .22 Remington bulk ammo, 25 feet.

Look at that highlighted target!  All three from one set in one hole.  Never done that before.  That made me happy.

Hey!  Let's measure!  Measuring progress is always a good idea.  How did I do with the first set versue the second set?  Am I getting fatigued and the score is falling off as I go?  Or am I just warming up?

1st set:  199 1x
2nd set:  213 3x

I think with all this practice I've been doing I am getting in better shooting shape and relaxing better when I am shooting, so I am not fatigued less, my stamina is better.    

Since starting this regime I have gone throw 150 of one brand of CCI, 500 of another brand, 200 of trash Remington Gold, and 250 of Federal bulk ammo.  I've had a quite a few magazine related FTEs, especially with the first 100 rounds a year ago before I took a magazine out of circulation.  One dud round.

All with the Wilson branded Ceiner .22 conversion on a middling quality Springfield 1911 frame with a creepy trigger.

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