Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More on the 10mm

If I had been as into guns way back then as I was starting in 2007, I'd have TOTALLY been into the 10mm.  Bad.  Under its Svengali spell.

Let's say I had the wherewithal and interest in 1987 that I had in 2007.   I'd have a Colt Python, I can almost guarantee, be really disappointed in my magazine-less Bren 10, and figure that there would only be 10mm semi-auto pistols available in 20 years.

Hmmm, what else?

Might have gotten a sub machine gun back then.  I dunno if Uzi would sell itself to me, or a proper .45 Mac-10.  Hopefully with a suppressor so I can grip it.

If I was smart I'd have sold that subbie in the early 2000s.

You know, I have never fired a 10mm.  I've never fired a Beretta M9 style pistol, either.  Or a Hi-Power.   Prolly would have if I was into shooty goodness way back then in the Lethal Weapon and Miami Vice days. 


Jerry The Geek said...

I bought a 10mm "EDGE" pistol from STI in 2000. Love the gun for competition in IPSC ... but I loaded the ammunition to .40S&W level.

The full power 10mm is awesome, but it can be intimidating. I was using it for IPSC competition, and frankly the muzzle-flip was too much for getting off fast double-taps.

So I went for 'wimp' loads .. but which still met IPSC "Major Power" criteria.

I love my 10mm, and the only thing I have against it is that my eyesight doesn't allow me to see the sights as clearly as they did 'back then'.

Kevin Littell said...

Let's see....

I'd also pick up every Remington 5xx model rifle I could lay my hands on for the 50-100 dollars they were selling for, Snatched up every sub 500 dollar M1 carbine for the 400 they were selling for and laid waste to every N frame Smith collection up for sale.

And dont get me started on the Double barrel shotguns....We used to turn them down if the seller was asking over 350 dollars.

I can claim that I got on the 10mm bandwagon early, when Colt was rumored to be getting out of the commercial gun business in the early 2000's I went to a gun shop with a Credit card intent on buying at least one NIB 1911 Colt. The only thing left in the store was a Delta Elite for 400 bucks. I still own and shoot that wonderful piece and Grandbaby will inherit it when Im done. Handload handload handload!!!

Mike V. said...

In 1985, one could buy an H&K 94; get it chopped, converted, and tax stamped and have a whopping $800 or so in the whole package. And the LE price for a Bren in 1984 was a whole $275, and in some ways I still regret not buying one. I also have a Python and though its 42 years old, it still is the best revolver I've ever fired.