Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why do I bother?

Why do I bother to adhere to my state's gun laws when my state doesn't care to enforce them?

I further minimize even SEEING a police officer, much less having a, to me, negative interaction with said law enforcement officials by avoiding do stupid things with stupid people and stupid late times of night.


The last time I was pulled over was 3 years ago come December.  They passed a law that you have to move over to the far lane if there is a cop on the shoulder.  And right after the law went into effect they were trapping people for revenue with a cop car on the shoulder for no reason. I had a car FULL of guns.  The guns never came up.  Got my ticket and off I go. 

"Gun-Running again, T-Bolt?  I thought you gave up you illicit arms dealing ways?"

No no, nothing like that.  It was a range trip to Hap Baker, actually.  

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