Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shooting lllustrated

I think it's worth checking out Shooting Illustrated this month just to read Tam's Ode to the 10mm.  A love affair long faded, yet there is the tiniest spark still buried under that practical and snarky 9mm toting exterior.  It's sweet and funny and worth your time if you are any sort of gun geek.


Mack Culverhouse said...

Listen, Pat O'Day dropped two terrorists with a S&W 1076 to save the First Toddler. The American buying public is just too stupid to appreciate the 10mm.

Rich P said...

I quite like the 10mm cartridge, I just don't think it's found a suitable home. My Glock M20 is a fat hog with an odd and vexing appendage where the trigger should be.