Monday, October 17, 2016

Dogs and Cats Living Together

It's illegal to carry a firearm into a Post Office in the US.  In Maryland, in Wyoming, wherever.  It's just the Post Office, though.  It's not like a courthouse where they have a metal detector and real honest to goodness law enforcement checking you are the door.  So you could carry if you are discrete about it.  So why not?

Because it is a federal beef, that's why not.  And you aren't high up in the elite political apparatus.  The laws actually apply to YOU.  You don't get to laugh it off and get a raise.  You go to a federal pound-you-in-the-something penitentiary. 

But why are post offices so special?

Well, you know how there is a killer clown craze right now?  Mass hysteria.  Hallucinations.  Then copy cats.  Then more copy cats.  Then irrational panic.  Probably be legislation about clown outfits soon.  Collective Obsessional Behavior

Well, in the mid 1980s we had Satanic Cults running all the day care centers.    And at the same time some people shot up their post office, usually as workplace violence.  One person getting driven over the edge pushed another to copy, and so on and so on. They went Postal

At the time the finger was pointed all abouts.  Cutback pressures meant more work for fewer post office employees, maybe the stress is getting to them?  It's all that sumbitz Reagan's fault.  The mail just keeps coming and Coming and COMING.  Algore had to invent email to help take the load off.  Postal employees are less likely to go homicidal compared to other job types, but that's beside the point.  It is the most kill-y of gov't jobs.  Surprised more folks in the MVA aren't slaughtered, based on how popular they are...

But that's not all.  Congress couldn't just sit there, they had to do something.  Legislation must be passed!

"So are you saying Congress passed a law banning firearms at the post office because of these mid-80's homicides, T-Bolt?"

Oh no, I'm not saying that.  They realized that they had already passed that in the gun control conniptions 15 years before.  So they just squawked about it.  ENFORCE THE LAW HARDER!  But if there hadn't been a law agin it, you know the law would have been passed then.  And now cops were on the look out and newly minted Florida CCW folks, and later other states, were at hazard.  The law didn't form because of the hysteria but they law plus the hysteria got people thinking "Hey, maybe we should search all the employee vehicles weekly...

So what is the big deal, T-Bolt?

Well, the hysteria may have passed after 30 years, when it comes to the post office.  You may or may not be able to have a gun in your car in the post office parking lot these days. 

The clown thing will pass too.  In 30 years you will be able to wear a big red nose in public again.  After the coming Anti-Clown Acts are done up in Congress, they'll realize before they get too far to take the teeth out of the new clown laws.  Because those new regs might logically be applied to Congress as well.

Or, if legislation doesn't move fast and hard enough, just rely on existing law and hound and railroad a bunch of innocent people.   SOP.  Arrest clowns for felony Mopery.

Don't CCW into your local Post Office, and definitely don't do it full makeup and clown regalia, even when you are being perfectly innocent about it.  That's T-Bolt's safety tip for the month.

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B said...

It was ENTIRELY Postal Workers that shot up Post Offices.

No Postal customers.

Hence the term "Going Postal".

Don't blame us legal carriers for the failures of a bunch of government subsidized drones.