Thursday, October 6, 2016


Live Fire.

Two new drill to practice.

On press out from a ready position where the pistol is close in to the chest, you can save some time in front sight acquisition by looking down at the front sight half through your presentation.  So by the time your arms are halfway there, you are looking down at the sight.   Half surprisingly, when you reach shooting position everything is lined up and you aren't hunting around for that front sight in the notch.  You save half a second.   

I knew this technique, but now I have a specific instruction to drill it.

Might be trouble.  The Elite Shoot Sports range has a nice premium target trolley.  It can have the target turned sideways, then after an interval face the target toward you for 4 seconds, then turn it back.  You've seen those, too.  The NRA range also has this.  But my regular range does not.  My normal range close by has the fancified motorized clothelines style and that's it.  With the appearing/disappearing target, and concentrating on the trigger reset, I can get off 5 rounds pretty easily in 4 seconds.  No big deal.  Anybody that does shooting competitions can do that from the holster.  But...   At my regular range they might get salty if I shoot that fast, even.  You know how a range can be.

The other drill is just what I've been doing.  But slower.  Fire two shots, concentrating on pinning the trigger and the reset.  Maybe a third shot.  Then put the gun down.  Bring the target back and look at it.  The break is important.  When I shoot the first one or two is better than 4 or 5 or the 6th shot.  Not relaxed enough.

So, relatively basic stuff.  These drills.  Looking forward to practicing them. 

Sam also brought his 9mm Glock with a red dot on the frame.  He was testing that, for giggles, and let me shoot a few.  Thing is, I haven't shot a centerfire pistol in over a year!  My recoil control is gone, and hasn't been trained back into me.  Hopefully soon.  

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