Wednesday, February 27, 2019


This week has been legislative gun testimony on various gun bills at the state capitol.

Remember, some nutbag shot up the town's newspaper pretty bad since this time last year.  Do they have laws proposed where people can shoot back and stop such a monster?  No, they want to ban Heavy Barrel ARs (regular ARs have been out since 2013) and limit you to one rifle a month and a 7 day waiting period. 

Yeah, it makes no sense.  No sense for stopping mayhem.  Makes sense for killing a little more gun culture in the state.  Which is 100% what the laws are for.  To inconvenience the law abiding. 

Maryland Shall Issue has been on the scene, helping folks testify in front of lawmakers into the wee hours of the morning yesterday at the house of delegates, and today is the state Senate.  Might be into the wee hours tomorrow for them.

I am a poor gun rights advocate for not getting my hands dirty and showing up in person to lobby these elected fools, even if it is futile.  But I appreciate the MSI peeps doing so.  I have written them checks and will continue to, but I need to get off my butt and do more. 

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