Monday, February 11, 2019


Currently up for bid...

Which doesn't mean it will be passed and signed.  Plenty of these bills go down in flames...

We now already have an HQL requirement.  It's the Handgun Qualification License.  You need that buy a handgun.  Not tote a handgun.  Buy it.  It has a training requirement, fingerprints, ANOTHER background check you'd be doing when you buy the actual handgun.  Fees.  It's a buncha hoops to jump through to destroy the shooting community.  It inconveniences the law abiding and does nothing to the criminals.  It disproportionately impacts negatively women, minorities, and the poor.

Well, now inn the statehouse is the same thing.  LONG GUN QUALIFICATION LICENSE.  But, obviously, for rifles and shotguns.  You have to register the long guns you already have.  If you move hear you have 90 days to do so.

There are other on the docket.  Some will not see the light of day.  But the fact they are there is worrisome.  Ban handgun rentals, ban the rest of the ARs, ban on home gunsmithing.

This damn state. 

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