Friday, February 22, 2019

Packaging damage

So I order ammo from Lucky Gunner and UPS was a bit rough with it.  The box on the end look like this.  Must took a hard corner.

So, I shot off 48 rounds from it and kept these two.  And undamaged one and the one at the heart of the impact.  I could see a size difference at the range.  All the other rounds appeared the same, by eye.  The offending one was noticeable.

Regular size is 1.265

And shucks you can't see this one so good.  Take my word for it.  1.247.

So it was shoved in about two one hundreds of an inch.  Advertised Overall Length is 1.275.

Should I be worried about the short one?  Probably not.  It's not packed in too tight.  And the case isn't so deformed it might not chamber.  Prolly safe to fire.  There is some wiggle room to those official dimensions.  And this is only 3% under spec. 
Am I gonna fire it or bin it?  Oh, I am binning it!  Why take the chance.  Save maybe $.35 with a risk of blowing out a custom 1911 for no good reason beyond that?  Yeah, I am binning it.  It goes beyond an excess of caution into wussy-land, but, again, it's just thirty five cents.

Hey, besides dud cans at the range, or the local police station, where do YOU dispose of dud ammo?  If it's one just chuck it in the trash?  Well, my neighbors trash?

[yeah, a bullet puller is the obvious-yet-overlooked-by-me way to go to get rid of ammo i don't want.  silly me.  plus:  new tool.  always good.]


ASM826 said...

Ignoring the question of whether you should have set it aside, pull the bullet out of the case with pliers, dump the powder in the flower bed, and put a dot of oil into the case so that it gets down into the primer, then throw it away.

JPD said...

Always handy to have on your workbench. Bullet puller hammer. Around $20.