Wednesday, February 20, 2019

I don't talk about metrocons much anymore

I don't talk about metrocons much anymore.  A big part is the venn diagram is pretty much over lapped between Metrocons and #NeverTrumpers, and you get into ugly arguments down that path.  Arguments I'd rather not go into here.

"Guns are icky!  That's why I pay the city taxes, for the police to keep the Poors on another block"

"Trump is icky!  That's why I get paid by folks to write nasty things about him and wander the woods like Hillary.  Maybe this will pass and I'll be on top again," he kids himself.

See?  It'd just get uglier from there.  But, while getting their time monopolized bad mouthing Trump, metrocons have little time to bad mouth the 2nd Amendment apart from quietly acquiescing to the Democrats demands of backgrounds checks that also won't be enforced.

Trump has been no friend to us Gunnies, yet, apart from judge appointments.  And the appointments are from a boring task he sub contracted out to the Federalists.  Which is good.  Keep that inertia up, Mr. President. It could be he second greatest legacy.  Apart from keeping Hillary from returning to the White House

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