Monday, February 11, 2019

I haven't done my taxes yet, but...

Kamala Harris says Ima get scrood.

I usually have to pay the Feds a couple hundred and get back from the State a couple hundred. Because I have withholding fine tuned for years.

So, this lady thinks less 'refund' of $170 is bad. Like I don't understand how taxes work. Say I paid the Feds $230, this idjit Senator from California is warning me, if I am at my most charitable, that I may have to pay $400 this time. Maybe MORE! She is relying on me being dumber than her.

I get paid 26 times a year. The tax cuts kicked in at the beginning of the year. My paycheck was $80 more, with nothing changed in my circumstances besides that tax cut. Yeah, I noticed that. Back then.

So, because I can math that's... 26... times... 80... carry the two... A bit over two grand! Come back at me Kamala when I do do my taxes and I have to write a check to the feds north of that. $170 is no big thang. And I am no corporate 1 percenter big wig.

I say all this, like I said, at the risk of being wrong. Maybe I WILL get a big kilo tax bill and Harris will be right. I will fess up if that is the case when taxes are complete.

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