Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Specific Language

All of this is in English.

"... set the quill dial to zero then advance upward for one quarter of the cordial thickness at the small end and remember to take up the backlash."

I understand it.  Or I understand enough to be able to consult references to fill in the gaps.  For instance, I'd have to look up the codial thickness to get an exact number.

It's machinist talk.  I've been learning a lot about it on youtube, and that that specifically is for a bevel gear being fabricated here.

But most folks reading that have no idea what it is on about.  And that struck me.

And firearm folks have similar specific language item.  Here is a gunsmithing patter:

"I need an oversized hand for my three-screw Model 10, as the the timing is off and the forcing cone is shaving off lead."

And lots of other example of specific language pertaining to the tiniest details in communication of a specialized profession, abound.  Typewriter repair, circus work, diner waitress to short order chef, oil rig wildcatter, seamstress/tailor. 

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