Thursday, February 21, 2019

Coast Guard Terrist

This isn't me.  Though he is my age and might have been living 4 miles away, at most. 

That 'arsenal' is a little light for a gun nut.  I guess crazy doesn't pay very well.  Plenty there to commit mayhem, sure.  You can only hold so many guns in your arms when committing heinous acts. 

49 and a LT in the Coast Guard?  Lil old for that?  Maybe that detail is wrong.

And 49 and he hasn't committed his terrist act yet?   Been hating on folks his entire adult life?  I'm think he might have just been all talk.  "Bent on committing acts dangerous to human life..." Bent on running his mouth, if my guess.  But if he was close to actually crossing that violent line, good on netting him up coppers.

Don't target Democrats, fella.  Not if you want racists to win.  Turns out the Dems were the dyed in the wool racists all along.  Dems are your allies in that white supremacy garbage you cotton to.  

Note his loadout

Two plate carriers (if he puts a plate on the back...), two 1911, two suppressors, two revolvers, two shotshuns, two plastic pistols, two rucksacks...  He's of the one is none and two is none school.  Three .22 and thee ARs.  One long range bolt action.  Not enough magazines.  


Jonathan H said...

A 49 year old LT?!? I'm surprised he hasn't been forcefully retired already - doesn't the CG have "Up or Out?"
It looks to me like somebody's collection being exaggerated...
I notice in the articles I've read that the Feds are not yet involved; it sounds to me like they went after him for drugs and found guns along the way.

ProudHillbilly said...

I was laughing at the horror of 1,000 rounds of ammo.

Will said...

Hmm, 1k rounds of the same caliber is a 4 day shooting class.

I helped a buddy move his ammo supply last year. Took several trips with a full size SUV to do it.

I recall a TX Judge's comment after seeing one of those "junk-on-the-bunk" photo opps along the line of him having more than that just in his hall closet, and what they were all agog about was considered a "starter set" in his area.