Sunday, February 3, 2019

"You do this to an AR"

"It makes the recoil feels much lighter, like it is only as bad as a .38 Special."


What an odd thing to say. 

Is the 5.56/.223 recoil really bothering you?

It's hard for me to judge, just thinking about it.  That I could perceive a big enough difference between the two calibers in felt-recoil in a shoulder fired arm.

There is more propellant in the 5.56.  And normally a longer barrel and heavier platform to alleviate some recoil, compared to the usual platform a .38 comes out.  But a big part of felt recoil equation is the Newton part.  No, not the fig filling.  The mass.   5.56 is the 55 grain projectile and the .38 is summat like 158 grain.  So a 3X difference.

All this is apple and oranges, tho.  I don't why I have devoted the above amount of brain sweat to this madness.

I wonder, if you did make a .38 Special AR, if you could notice the difference between it and a regular AR in a blind taste test sort of range session?  I'm guessing no.

Don't make a .38 AR. 


Ratus said...

"Don't make a .38 AR."


They are making a rimless 357 Magnum equivalent, the 350 Legend, 150-grain at 2350 fps.

Richard Rosenberg said...

358 YETI
180grains at 2500fps
357 140gr. at 3000fps

Windy Wilson said...

If anyone is making such an AR, they are, in the words of Colonel Cooper, making it to buy!

I can't recall the name of the rifle instructor, but he always demonstrated the gentle recoil of the M-16 by placing the buttstock at his crotch and firing a round. That always woke the boots and got a laugh.

I can see making an AR dedicated to .22lr, but 38 special? Why not .38 S&W or just .38 -- or even .25 ACP? The purpose of reduced caliber is to practice with more cheaply. Is .38 spcl even that much cheaper than .223?

Rich P said...

.38 Super-Ar and 1911. Starline makes standard, heavy duty, and true rimless .38 Super brass. Oh hey, does that AR take 1911 mags?

LCB said...

hmmm...I have a carbine that will shoot 38 Special. The recoil is negliable, espcially compared to the 357 Mag I bought the gun for. (Deer hunting in my state is only allowed with certain pistol cartridges in guns...) But yeah, comparing the recoil to a AR...about the same I'd say. Feels about the same, I mean.