Friday, March 19, 2021

DC Industry

 This place hasn't always been a one-company town.  We used to do industry.  Well, for the gummint, yes, but still better than producing nothing but paper that tells other people what to do.

They turned the place that made torpedos across the river into an art center.

But there was more general industry in this ecosphere, including a woodworking tool manufacturer.

Other regions were further along with hard industries than this sleepy southern town, and all local ones would be eclipsed in economic market share by the exponential growth of the federal government during the FDR administration and the coming of WWII.  

"But the Navy still needs weapons systems T-Bolts?  Why is Navy Yard not the powerhouse it used to be the first half of the 20th Century"

Dunno.  Lotta money in weapons contracts in the cold war era.  Lotta political favors need to be bought out there.  Might be that lead to an industrial diaspora away from the mother ship.  And those machinists could move or just get office jobs, I guess.   

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